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The cast of Fame Forever.

By Laura Sonier
26 July 2007

Review of Fame Forever performed by The Rattonians at the Congress Theatre.
It might have been 20 years later for the characters of Fame Forever, but the gap between Fame and its sequel was just one week for the hard-working cast and crew of the Rattonians' production.

Putting on one amateur production to the high standards the group demands is achievement enough, but to deliver two in two weeks is even more admirable.

Fame Forever, which saw its English premiere at the Congress on Wednesday evening, reveals what has become of the students of the High School for Performing Arts in the 20 years since the curtain fell on Fame.

Serena Katz (Channine Clarke) has become a teacher at the school, Nick Piazza (Barnaby Pout) has made it big in LA on a TV show, Schlomo Metzenbaum (Peter Gurr) is a musician, Tyrone Jackson (Thomas Hackett) is a choreographer - and part-time bouncer -

Joe Vegas (James Hookway) is a doting dad and Mabel Washington (Debbie Hackett) is a TV weather girl.

And although Carmen Diaz (Paula Pout) died at the end of Fame, that doesn't stop her returning as a spirit watching over her former classmates - and the new aspiring performers of 2004.

JJ Byre (Alex Adams) is the cocky male star of the year group, who is faced with a moral dilemma and Vanessa Vegas (Laura Sivers) and Georgia Washington (Catherine Anderson) are the duelling divas fighting for his attention, as well as the plum role of Maria in West Side Story.

Other roles include Damon Willer as teacher Ramon Garcia, Aimee Worrall as Tyrone's jealous girlfriend Chantelle and 12-year-old Stanley West (the role is shared with 10-year-old Zac Adlam) as the dancing star of the future, who made the audience burst into spontaneous applause half-way through his toe-tapping solo.

The cast again deliver excellent performances and special mention must be made of those who have done sterling double duty by taking on major roles in both productions - Paula Pout and Alex Adams.

The ensemble dancing was as polished as Eastbourne audiences have come to expect from this group and the level of energy all the more impressive given that the group have had to perform two musicals in two weeks.

Congratulations again must go to producers Mark and Melanie Adams, director Mark Adams, choreographer Jan Lynton and musical director Nicola Brazier.

For tickets, call 01323 412000.


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