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"Holly Woods" 89 Stone Lane, Winterbourne Down, South Gloucestershire BS36 1DH

29th February 2008

Judie Sheldon,
Weymouth Operatic Society

Dear Judie,

Weymouth Operatic Society "Fame Forever"

On behalf of Denis and myself, may I thank you and your society for the invitation to attend the opening niight of the above production and heartily congratulate everyone involved in such a spectacularly successful event.

As I said on stage after the performance, there was such vibrancy, enthusiasm and energy expended that you carried us along in your wake. It is always good to see a new show, but this one seemed more than that as we became increasingly involved in the personal side of each character. For this, the Director and M.D. must take their own bow, with the former, also responsible for some exciting choreography. I loved the concept of this sequel and was enthralled how easily younger members inter-acter with their older members of staff, themselves pupils during the Class of '84.

Extrememly well cast, I cannot possibly mention each member as I felt we saw 100% effort from everyone and indeed you truly earned your superb, first night ovation. I must however, give credit to Carmen, who had the difficult task of linking us to past and future convincingly and effectively delivering the famous Fame number, almost as an anthem and dressed in red! A stunning piece of theatre! The Students, Vanessa, Georgia and JJ each acquitted themselves well and I applaud Georgia's great "Habanera" solo, beautifully sung in its original French! Some fine portrayals by the Alumni seamlessly transported us from year '84 to present day. Well done also to the cameo characters of Alex and Chantell, who provided extra icing on this magnificent cake!

Superb singing throughout, with great orchestral and M.D. support, fine dancing, an imaginative and attractive set of costumes, and an easily moved set, with complementary lighting and good overall sound, ensured we saw the very best entertainment from this talented society. What a shame its creator, David De Silva was not fortunate to be present. I do hope the rest of your run is as successful as your splendid first night. Bravo Weymouth!

With kind regards and best wishes to all,


Geraldine Branton, NODA South West Councillor.




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