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Mark youngsters bid for Fame
By Laura Nesbitt
Monday 26th March 2007

THE musical extravaganza Fame was executed brilliantly at The Princess Theatre in Burnham last week.

Mark Youth Theatre's performance followed the story of a group of students in a performing arts school and their trials and tribulations as they took their first steps in the exciting world of show business Right from the start of the show, it was clear to see how much effort and practice each actor had given to their roles.

Hannah McKenzie played student Carmen Diaz, her voice was beautiful and very moving, particularly during her solo performance of In LA.

Joe Vegas was played by Dean Brammal, his on-stage confidence shone through his commanding performance and comedy timing, also getting laughs was Mabel Washington played by Laura Cussons.

Chloe Willis showed her talent through playing the piano for the music and as a dancer playing Iris Kelly.

Max Lascelles as Nick Piazza and Carla Gordon as Serena Katz were a great couple, they delivered some beautiful scenes despite a few nerves.


Tyrone Jackson was played by Mark Foster with great confidence, and Rory Butler depicted the shy and Carmen-infatuated musician Scholmo Metzenbaum brilliantly.

Louise Crocker, Emma Puddy, Will Stevens and Leo Willis were the teachers, each gave a professional performances.

Emma Hanlon demonstrated great talent at a young age as she played solo pieces on both violin and flute.

The music students, dance students and drama students had all put a great deal off practice into their roles. Everyone who took part in Fame seemed to really enjoy themselves, making watching the production even more enjoyable.

The finale was a definite high point. A yellow taxi came out from the dry ice and then everyone on stage and off joined in singing along to the classic pop song Fame.

Mark Youth Theatre's colourful performance was very entertaining and showed a lot of talent and potential from the young performers.

Every parent must have been very proud of the effort put in and accomplishment achieved by each young actor.

Levels of professionalism shone through from every aspect of the show from the choreography and music to the lighting, sound and stage set-up.

Fame was a sparkling effort from a group of hard working and talented youths, I can't wait to see how they manage to beat it next year.


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