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March 12, 2009

Woodham Youth Theatre’s production of "Fame" was outstanding and a testimony to lots of hard work and time in rehearsal by the cast and teaching staff.

The students were amazing, displaying great discipline and maturity in their interpretation of this hard-hitting musical spectacular. The powerful and at times, shocking script, touched on problems around literacy, drugs, sexuality and prejudice, provoking much thought for everyone involved, whether per-forming or spectating.

Everyone was caught up in the energy and enthusiasm of the players. The backstage personnel, front of house, lighting and sound all worked to produce a wonderful and memorable Show led by Miss Laura Tindall.

The band was superb under their indefatigable Musical Director Miss Tina Hughes.

The standard of acting was extremely high, thanks to Miss Ithurralde, under whose direction the cast performed some poignant and tear jerking scenes.

I do not wish to single out individual performances as this was very much a team effort evidenced in the way the cast, band and production team supported each other.

It was clear from the audience applause how much they enjoyed "Fame" and there were many parents who left the show very proud of their children.

The Music Department at Woodham College continues to develop the talent of students whose involvement in music and drama boosts their confidence and self esteem.

There were many tears shed after the final performance as those students, who were leaving the College, paid tribute to their teachers who had given them the opportunty and confidence to perform. The deep bond teachers enjoy with their students was clear from equal amount of tears on their faces. The students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to sing, act, play an instrument or support the Shows, believing very strongly it has helped their education and given them friends for life, along with great memories of their time at Woodham.



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