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9/22 and 9/23 at 10AM (sign-up at 9AM) at Shetler Studios
939 Eighth Avenue, NYC (between 55th and 56th)

Phoenix Productions will be holding auditions for future replacements for non-union principal and ensemble for youthful, energetic performers who sing and move well for the current tour of FAME (as well as GREASE and SING ALONG SANTA). Calls will be as follows: Monday, September 22, 10 AM - Singers who move well. Tuesday, September 23, 10AM Dancers who sing. Non-Singing Character Actors for the roles Mr. Myers and Mr. Sheinkopf will be seen with the Monday, September 22 call. All calls will be held at Shetler Studios, 939 Eighth Avenue, between 55th and 56th, NYC. Stephen B. Kane and Michael McFadden, producers. All positions paid. Monitor will arrive at 9 AM to establish an approved sign-up sheet. No other sheet will be honored. 


NICK PIAZZA: plays 18, handsome, masculine, Caucasian, serious-minded, sensitive, great pop tenor, strong actor, moves well; 

SERENA KATZ: plays 18, pretty but doesn't know it, shy, insecure, Caucasian, great pop belt with soprano notes, moves well; 

JOE (JOSÉ) VEGAS: plays 18, handsome, masculine, Latino, the class clown, great pop tenor, strong actor, moves well;

TYRONE JACKSON: plays 18, handsome, masculine, African-American with a urban jive, a hip hop natural with more classical training in his back pocket, strong actor, sings well;

CARMEN DIAZ: plays 18, beautiful, saucy, self-assured Latina, a triple-threat diva who must be a strong singer/dancer;

IRIS KELLY: plays 18, beautiful, haughty blonde Caucasian, trained ballet and modern dancer, sings well;

MABEL WASHINGTON: plays 18, chubby fun-loving African-American, trained dancer, sings well; 

SCHLOMO METZENBAUM: plays 18, handsome in a quiet way, Caucasian, serious-minded, sensitive, great pop tenor, strong actor, moves well, must play violin and piano;

GRACE (LAMBSCHOPS) LAMB: plays 18, quirky, hyper, dresses like a tomboy, must play the drums well, strong alto, moves well;

GOODMAN (GOODY) KING: plays 18, the sidekick comedian type, singing actor who moves well, must play the trumpet or sax; 

MISS ESTHER SHERMAN: plays 30 - 45; attractive African American English teacher who is the intellectual backbone for PA students; strong singer who can handle gospel/blues and moves well; 

MS. GRETA BELL: plays 30 - 45; attractive dance teacher who is the emotional stronghold for PA students; strong dancer/singer;

MR. MYERS: plays 30 - 45; acting teacher who is dedicated to opening up the souls of his students but has seen it all; strong singer who moves well;

MR. SHEINKOPF; plays 45 - 65; music teacher; a classical music fossil; strong singer who moves well;

Be prepared to move. An accompanist will be provided - music should be in appropriate key. All ethnic minorities are strongly encouraged to attend this audition. NON EQUITY PERFORMERS.

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