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24 August 2007

I'M gonna live forever, I'm gonna learn how to fly - well after she's learned the drums she will.

For 22-year-old Suzanne Lowe is today preparing to perform in the European tour of the musical Fame by learning the instrument in just a matter of weeks.

Miss Lowe, of Valley Walk, Felixstowe, said: “I'm really looking forward to it. I'm playing Lambchops which is one of the lead parts.

“Lambchops is a rock chick, 'in-yer-face', no inhibitions drummer and Fame is such a great show to be in.”

And it is her talent at the drums that got the actress the part - well sort of.

She said: “They asked me in the audition if I could play the drums and I said yeah sure. It was a tiny white lie as I couldn't play at all. I was petrified they would ask me to play there and then but I've had a couple of lessons and I'm a natural according to my teacher.”

Unfazed by her challenge ahead, Miss Lowe is looking forward to the tour which starts in the Czech Republic in October and includes Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and Belgium.

She added: “I was overwhelmed when I heard I got in the show. I go to so many auditions you get used to rejection so when you get the part it's a nice surprise.

“Hopefully this will open a few more doors for me because when I come back I won't have a job and I'll be auditioning all over again.”

Miss Lowe, who has dated Matt Di Angelo who plays Deano Wicks in Eastenders, after they met at the Sylvia Young Theatre School, in London, said she has always wanted to perform.

She said: “I love entertaining people. I'm a bit of a show off. I just love what I do.”

No stranger to the stage, Miss Lowe was in the cast of the European tour of The Rocky Horror Show and appeared in London's West End production of Oliver as a student. She comes from a theatrical background with her theatre director father Dennis Lowe providing inspiration.

She said: “My father always said he would love me to go into the theatre but didn't mind if I didn't. I couldn't do anything else now.”

Miss Lowe also faces the challenge of learning German.

She said: “We sing in English but the dialogue is in German so there will be a vocal coach there to help us get it right. I can't wait to get back on stage and do what I do.”

Have you seen Miss Lowe perform? Have you learned a musical instrument in a hurry? What do you think? Write to Your Letters, Evening Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN or send an e-mail to

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The musical is based on the 1980 film Fame.

The story is set around New York's High School for Performing Arts .

Fame has been produced in nearly 25 countries.

The musical has been seen by nearly 4 million people since its West End premiere in 1995.

Famous people who graduated from the real high school include Liza Minelli, Jennifer Anniston and Eartha Kitt.

Madonna auditioned but was turned down for a role in the movie.

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